Rescue Kitten Struggled To Fit In With New Family And Eventually Found A Loving Daddy

If you are in the mood for a funny, entertaining yet deeply touching story, this lovely cat video is right up your street. To be honest, it’s even better than some blockbusters out there!

The story began when a man received a call from his neighbor who informed him about an injured kitten appearing alone in their garden. It was a cute little orange and white tabby whose left eye was severely damaged.

After making sure the cat’s mother was indeed not around, the kind-hearted man immediately brought him to a vet clinic for timely medical treatment. And 10 days later when the boy was totally recovered, he brought him home to live with 11 other cats in his garden (he also had 3 indoor cats and a golden retriever dog).

That day, the adorable kitty’s new journey officially began. Since he was a newbie, needless to say he was the center of attention, but it didn’t mean that poor boy was warmly welcomed or something. In fact, as the naïve boy tried to make friends, he was rejected by most of the cats a dozen times, no less.

Despite his tough past, that tiny kitten was still a cheerful and somehow goofy feline who desperately needed an affectionate companion to hang out and have fun with. Being refused multiple times did let him down, but couldn’t stop him from keep trying.

And finally, at the nth attempt, he finally found someone who was kind enough to look after him for a while – a male named Pamuk who looked like a bigger version of the kitten himself! (And the funny thing is Pamuk initially belonged to the garden where that kitty first showed up, he moved to this place after getting close to the cats here).

With such a protector, the kitten gradually gained the acceptance of other cats in the garden. He also had a few more friends, but Pamuk always played an important role in his heart. The adult cat took good care of this baby boy. He played with him, snuggled with him, kept an eye on him and even stayed with him as he recovered after eye surgery. He was like a proud daddy who loved his adopted son wholeheartedly.

If you are curious about the kitten’s name, here is your answer. Ready for it? Yes, it’s Pamuk Junior.

Watch their beautiful bond here:

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