Dog Covered in Ants and Starving Rescued from Remote Moor

One of the five worst cases they’ve ever saved, according to Pitiful Animals, is Phoenix. Phoenix was in peril when the rescue team found her, a poor Dog with a slim body, Phoenix sleeping alone in a meadow almost devoid of life.

Look at this poor dog’s near-loving body, there are thousands and thousands of ants devouring her flesh and she has a lot of bugs clinging to her four legs. She sobbed in pain as she cried out that she couldn’t get up and walk anymore. No one saw her even though she was resting right on the curb.


We are confused as to why people would be so callous to such a poor and depressed Dog. Phoenix didn’t even take a bite of the food as I immediately pushed the ants away from her. Phoenix was in the car when I left and I went straight to the hospital. quote the savior. She was evaluated by medical professionals soon after, and they warned her that she might have broken her pelvis and possibly had cancer. She was anemic, severely malnourished, and had an abnormally low temperature. Phoenix conducted two tests, all of which were negative.


Initially, serum infusion was used along with medications prescribed by a doctor to control body temperature. After a while, they adopted the long-term strategy of using heaters and blankets. However, Phoenix appears to be suffering from neurological damage as she is constantly convulsing and can’t seem to control her actions. This is the first time the nurse has been able to give her a bath after two months in the hospital.


Phoenix is being cared for by the entire medical staff who are working despite all the difficulties. Phoenix has done a great job and has no plans to end his life, so we are really pleased with her.




How Phoenix has changed three months after being rescued. She is slim, beautiful, and in excellent health. In particular, she is leading a wonderful life that many other pets can only imagine.

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