Stray Puppy Finds Creative Solution To Survive Cold Nights In Television

While other puppies are luckier to live at home, this stray puppy homeless did what he could and hid in an abandoned television set.

When most puppies have an easier life at home, this stray puppy tries as hard as he can and finds safety in an abandoned TV station.


The lost dog hopelessly finds shelter in an old television to protect itself from the cold. Use the hole as a home. Stories about stray animals are often quite touching, because most often they do not have a happy ending or are still looking for their own happiness, as in the case of the stray dog hiding in the TV box old, with no family to take care of, he manages to use that TV box as if it were his home.

This heartbreaking image has gone public on social media after a user who made it public posted a video in which, tragically, a dog can be seen inside an old TV station he used as accommodation. It is inconceivable that these dogs can callously abandon the dog to the street, when what we need to do is to love and care for them. I don’t know where the dog came from, but it must have been looking for and in this TV box for quite a long time.


Despite the growing awareness of the responsibility of owning a pet, as well as the thousands of shelters that have been established to assist with the care and adoption of small animals, the dire conditions in which dogs live on the everyday street becomes more unsettling, and a perfect problem. An example of this is this puppy lying in an abandoned television set.

For those concerned about the puppy’s health, the dog was fine and when I saw it, it had no skin issues. Even so, many people expressed anger.


It’s not a joke. Please help this dog by spreading it so people know not to mock him. Please help him because puppies are the prettiest of all that we know. Let’s help save this dog!

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